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The experiment above was conducted with tangerine oranges.  One tangerine was soaked in tap water (the one on the right) and another tangerine in activated water (the one in the middle), and  the one on the left was untreated or un-soaked and open to the environment for natural oxidation. The one that was soaked in tap water started to decay in one week but the activated water soaked tangerine remained edible for up to six months.  Other tests have been conducted with a variety of different types of produce and all had similar results indicative of the anti-oxidation properties of our enhanced activated water.



Below are some graphic photos of what happens when our internal environment becomes acid, toxic, and polluted.  Our blood starts to morph (pleomorphism) and begins to degenerate.  The photos below are of blood under Dark Field Microscopy provided to me by my late dear friend, Dr. Dennis Myers (A New Biology) that deals with Enderlein’s 12 stages of pleomorphism, in part, caused by oxidative stress. 


Most everyone suffers from some sort of oxidation simply because of our diets, lack of adequate minerals and nutrients, and the accumulation of non-biodegradable toxins, notably heavy metals and organic solvents.  In order to reverse or prevent some of the effects of oxidation one needs to consume more fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, that have minerals and trace elements that the body can absorb and utilize as well as being properly hydrated, preferably with water that has anti-oxidation properties. 


To maintain better health and to achieve balance one must include such concepts as detoxification, proper nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and so on.  It is not one without the other (whole or holistic).  I am not a doctor but I firmly believe that the healing process and the foundation of good health begins with re-mineralization and proper hydration.  This also holds true for plants, soils, and animals as well.


Paul Doran, President

LifeWater Sciences


Every disease begins at a cellular level, when those particular cells

become acid, oxidized, toxic, and polluted.


Factors that lead to such a disturbance in the body’s balance are factors that make it acid, toxic, and include a diet with too much animal protein, exposure to mutagenic (cancer producing)    substances, excessive intake of tobacco or alcohol, etc.  Of all these kind of things, stress actually can cause the most severe changes in the body’s balance.


Dr. Dennis Myers, “A New Biology”


Although hundreds of water treatment products have been available to filter or purify water, the truth is that none of them incorporate the science to effectively remove all of the chemicals, impurities, and contaminants from your drinking water…..until now.


LifeWater Sciences, can transform water into the purest drinking water that technology allows…at a price that is easily affordable.  With over 25 years in the field LifeWater has developed a patented water system that removes the complete spectrum of the chemicals, impurities, and contaminants…from the water that you drink everyday.


If you are currently using some type of Carbon Filtration, UV Light Treatment, Reverse Osmosis or other system to filter your drinking water, your system simply doesn’t possess the technology to filter out all of the chemicals and contaminants from your drinking water.


Even if your system is designed to remove some of these contaminants from your drinking water, how do you know that your system is functioning properly and consistently on a daily basis and providing you with the cleanest and safest water possible?


The Fountain of Life®, LifeWater® System is an all-inclusive, self-contained unit, that includes easy-to-use diagnostic capabilities that you can monitor daily or as often as you wish. The LifeWater®System goes well beyond any current technology available by producing a lab grade quality water that is re-mineralized and vitally enhanced and activated to bring to you the healthiest, filtered drinking water possible.

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