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LifeWater Sciences International presents cutting edge technologies that adhere to both

traditional and non-traditional sciences with over 25 years of research providing both cost effectiveness and superb results.  LifeWater along with our Global partners have developed products and water treatment services that are safe, economical, ecological, and natural.

Our products and services go far beyond the competition in giving the consumer

a superior technology backed by the highest of standards.

Fountain Of Life Water Appliance® - There is no water system available as complete as the Fountain Of Life® system.  Current water treatment methodology can remove some of the impurities but no single system incorporates the technology to effectively remove all impurities and contaminents at the “point-of-use”. The Fountain Of Life Water Appliance® is an all-inclusive, self-contained unit. It includes diagnostic and monitoring capabilities that go beyond current technology, producing a water that is lab grade quality, re-mineralized and vitally enhanced to a more harmonious and wholesome state; water not only pure but beneficially healthful as well… more>>

LifeWater Wand™ (Garden & Stir) >

LifeWater Wand™ (Lawn & Garden) is the ultimate lawn and garden vitalizer proven to enhance all plant life using a proprietary ceramic mineral ore technology. 

The ceramic ores in the LW Wand provide more H+ ions that can help preserve internal cellular water. This means that the cells in plants will maintain better water in their system, improving cellular function and optimum... more>> 

LifeWater Wand™ (Stir):   
The process of liquid enrichment from the LifeWater Wand is accomplished by circulating water or liquid through the specially engineered and blended proprietary ores of ceramic components. The stirring action of the wand draws connatural energy from the ceramic ores and upon receipt by the molecules a reduction or neutralization of free radicals occurs...

The end result…a liquid that quite significantly propagates increased cell rejuvenation and growth leading to both short-term and long-term recognizable results in living organisms (human, animal, and plant life)... more>>





Chitosan Pro Life Vitalizers >
Pro Life Plant Vitalizer® is beneficial for agricultural applications including enhancing growth patterns, yielding immediate soil quality improvements, and freshness while enhancing overall taste and quality... more>>


Pro Life Body Vitalizer™ has been shown to help the immune system work more efficiently in improving resistance to invasion of foreign substances (viruses, parasites, bacteria, mold).  It is effective in improving the activity of macrophages, which function in the destruction of foreign antigens, and serves as an antigen-presenting cell... more>>


Pro Life Animal Vitalizer™ is effective in increasing the grade and quality of the meat, antibiotic usage can be decreased, improvement in health and immune system, growth rate enhancement, and overall decrease in mortality rate... more>>

Ceramic WET TechnologyThere is a monumental difference between municipal-treated tap water and hydrogen-activated (re-mineralized) water. The electrical charge or frequency resonated from the LifeWater Sciences mineral ores alters the properties of water. As water travels over the surface of the ores the hydrogen electrons in the hydrogen atom create a negative electrical charge that attracts and organizes the water molecules producing a crystalline structure. Some believe this crystalline structure to be hexagonally shaped, resembling the structure of water found in healthy living organisms rather than the water that is found in most ordinary mineral or tap water. When we drink ordinary water, we have to convert it into cellular water before the cells can utilize it. If we cannot convert water into the structure of cellular water it will pass through our bodies leaving our cells in a dehydrated state. The result of water coming in contact with the mineral ores can enhance the amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions in the water, which of course is good. more (pdf)... >>



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